Heat Treating Equipment & Thermal Process Solutions www.htetps.com Offers Heat Treating furnaces, consulting services and special process machinery for industrial applications requiring thermal processing.

KGO www.kgo-usa.com offers very efficient Gas Nitriding Furnaces using Stange software that controls the Nitriding potential and maximizes the efficiency of the process. KGO also offers Vacuum Tempering furnaces. Both processes offer a very efficient heat exchanger option for faster cooling. Furnaces meet the requirements of AMS 2750.

JL Becker. www.jlbecker.com J.L Becker is part of the Gasbarre group. They produce atmosphere furnaces, batch washers and gas generators. Tip up furnaces, Integral quench furnaces, car bottom furnaces and continuous belt furnaces are part of the line of furnaces. Each can be custom designed to meet the needs of the customer.

Ion Heat. www.ionheat.com Produces Ion Nitriding equipment that is unique to the market. They are hot walled systems with bi-polar pulse power supplies. The design is a tandem system with two complete vessels sharing resources. This unique design allows for both vessels to be loaded with parts. One side runs while the other heats up and when the processing side starts cooling the other side can then start the process. This can save as much as 8 hours per day in production.

Flamespray. www.flamespray.org Flamespray has three locations. Two in Europe and one in Fountain Inn, SC. They provide metal and ceramic coating services for wear and corrosion applications. They have numerous patents on thermal sprays and also provide a coating for Aluminizing. They provide services to Industrial gas turbines, Oil and Gas valves, Nuclear Industry, Automotive applications. Flamespray provides engineering services for each customer’s needs or can perform the work to specific customer specifications.

Stange Electronics. www.stange-elektronik.com produces automation software, industrial controls, gas sensors, engineering support and consulting and energy management systems. Many Stange products are used in the heat treating and food processing industry.

IPS/Stanwood Corporation www.stanwoodcorp.com can produce heat treating baskets of any size or style that exists in the industry today. These designs have evolved from IPS/Stanwood Corporation’s more than seventy years of experience in supplying hundreds of satisfied heat treating customers throughout the industry. Our expertise in all types of welding allows us to offer baskets constructed using, mig (GMAW), resistance (ERW), tig (GTAW) or combinations of any of these methods.

IPS/Stanwood Corporation can fabricate a basket to fit your most unusual requirement. Please contact one of our experienced sales professionals to review your specific application for individual design recommendations. Special sizes, configurations or alloys can be easily produced upon request


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