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Heat Treating Equipment & Thermal Process Solutions Offers Heat Treating furnaces, consulting services and special process machinery for industrial applications requiring thermal processing.

VON ARDENNE develops and manufactures industrial equipment for vacuum coatings on materials such as glass, wafers, metal strip and polymer films. These coatings give the surfaces new functional properties and can be between one nanometer and a few micrometers thin, depending on the application.

Our customers use these materials to make high-quality products such as architectural glass, absorbers and absorber tubes for solar-thermal power plants, reflectors for lighting systems, displays for smartphones and touchscreens, solar modules and heat protection foil for automotive glass.

We supply our customers with technologically sophisticated vacuum coating systems, extensive expertise and global service. The key components are developed and manufactured by VON ARDENNE itself.

Systems and components from VON ARDENNE make a valuable contribution to protecting the environment. They are vital for manufacturing products which help to use less energy or to generate energy from renewable resources.

VON ARDENNE was founded in 1991 as a spin-off of the Manfred von Ardenne Research Institute in Dresden. The technological principles and components which are vital to our current success had been developed and steadily improved by this institute since 1955.

Over 50 years of experience with electron beam processes and more than 40 years of competence in magnetron technology make VON ARDENNE a leading provider of glass coating systems and equipment for thin-film photovoltaics.

This expertise is used in all our products and guarantees that our customers receive reliable systems for their production.

At VON ARDENNE we adhere strictly to the values which provided the basis for Manfred von Ardenne’s work – scientific meticulousness and curiosity, the constant search for innovative technical solutions, quality awareness, sustainable activity and reliability.

KGO offers very efficient Gas Nitriding Furnaces using Stange software that controls the Nitriding potential and maximizes the efficiency of the process. KGO also offers Vacuum Tempering furnaces. Both processes offer a very efficient heat exchanger option for faster cooling. Furnaces meet the requirements of AMS 2750.

Ion Heat. Produces Ion Nitriding equipment that is unique to the market. They are hot walled systems with bi-polar pulse power supplies. The design is a tandem system with two complete vessels sharing resources. This unique design allows for both vessels to be loaded with parts. One side runs while the other heats up and when the processing side starts cooling the other side can then start the process. This can save as much as 8 hours per day in production.

Stange Electronics. produces automation software, industrial controls, gas sensors, engineering support and consulting and energy management systems. Many Stange products are used in the heat treating and food processing industry.

Furnacare  Vacuum Furnaces and More

Welcome to Furnacare, vacuum furnaces and aftermarket services:

Furnacare has originated from a unique professional culture in vacuum furnaces and after sales services. The company operates in the field of vacuum heat treatments from a very long time and has gained the experience and know-how to satisfy all requirements connected with thermal processes.

Furnacare is committed to quality as a way of life. All parts and materials meet or exceed OEM standards to bring our customers the highest quality components in the market. AMS2750 and Nadcap Compliant.

  • 33 Years of Experience
  • 719 Happy Customers
  • 184 Retrofitted Furnaces
  • 775 Brand new furnace installations

Furnacare benefits from the long experience in the field of advanced vacuum technology to carry on its mission of a reliable and flexible support in the supply and maintenance of vacuum furnaces and their accessories, such as control cabinets, cooling circuits and loading systems.

Always looking for the most efficient solution for our customers, we are passionately dedicated to study new solutions and to build vacuum furnaces suitable for the different industry sectors, including aeronautics and aerospace, automotive, medical, heat treatment shops, defense, etc.

With the same passion we take care of the maintenance throughout the entire life cycle of the furnaces, in compliance of the environmental and safety regulations involved.

Our aim is to facilitate the work of your operators and to make your furnaces always operative in the production process with top performances.

Von Ardenne

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